About Me

The short version- I went from hating vegetables to loving them and I feel so much better now.

The long version- I became a vegetarian at the wise age of 4.  There were chickens at my preschool and it dawned on me that- what?  These chickens are the same thing as the ones on our table!  Mom and dad tried their best to rid me of these crazy ideas, but to no avail.  "If only we had beaten you," my father often laments.  "Now it's too late." 

So, I tried my best to discover what it meant to be a vegetarian, and conveniently decided that the answer to my question was pizza.  Lots and lots of pizza.  And cookies.  Lo and behold, my health suffered.  I know, right?  I became depressed, lethargic, and had trouble concentrating in school.  I went to several doctors who all had the same advice- pills.  Pills for my mood... "But these pills make it even harder to focus..."  Pills to help me focus... "But now I can't sleep..."  Pills to help me sleep... "Now I have trouble waking up in the morning..." "Well, then the answer is PILLS!"  Not once did the subject of diet come up.  My entire high school career was a haze.  I felt lost.  What's a lost soul to do?  My mind and body were crying, "Fix me!" but I didn't know how- and nobody around me seemed to, either- except for an Army recruiter.  He had all the answers, and took me out to McDonald's for parfaits.  Now I had to join- he had bought me, like, 3 parfaits! 

I was sworn into the U.S. Army at the unwise age of 18.  Boot camp was an incredible experience.  It taught me what I was really capable of and how much power my mind had over my body.  But when I arrived at my station in Ft. Hood my depression came back in full force. After 2 years of having all of my decisions made for me, I was sent back out into civilization to fend for myself.  

The next few years are a bore and don't have much to contribute to my story.  I got a worthless degree in Fashion Design (school was exposed as a fraud), waited tables- basically poured myself into work and school.  My old problems were  still with me, but I was able to manage them a little better.  
Then I met my husband.

I'll spare you the details, because our story truly is sickeningly sweet.  But he's been my biggest cheerleader and has given me the confidence to pursue so many passions, including of course, this blog.  He's not afraid to taste my wildest experiments, and even though he is a steak lover to the core, has really embraced a wide range of vegetarian foods.  

In more sickeningly sweet news, I became pregnant with twins.  

This is when I finally realized my diet needed an overhaul, so I started reading health blogs and learning more about nutrition.  I spent hours every day in my kitchen, cooking, tasting, playing, and developing an appreciation for food that I never really had before.  Despite years of mistreating my body, our boys were born perfectly healthy, and not quite as grumpy as they appear in this picture...

But every bit as cute.

It is my goal to instill in them a love for healthy foods now, rather than later, in hopes of sparing them some of the troubles I experienced.  This blog serves as a means to save and share my recipes.  Thanks for stopping by- I hope you find something you enjoy here.


  1. I love your blog! You look so pretty and I love all of your recipes :)

  2. I'm a "1 year and 3months" vegetarian... better late than never,right?... and I've noticed that my memory is failing more than usual, and that I cannot concentrate on my studies, do you think it could be related to my new veggie "style"?
    I've never thought of that, but it makes sense.... I'll try your recipes 'cos I'm getting tired of soy and pasta!!
    Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Hi Nat! Although I love many soy products, I try to really limit them in my diet, as I feel they often do more harm than good. I've definitely seen my memory and concentration skills improve with a more balanced diet. Some people would recommend taking certain vitamins- but I think that can be just as dangerous as pills are. I think all fruits, veggies, legumes, and nuts have something to offer, and they're all essential. Anyways, I'm certainly no professional, but this has helped me. Thanks for reading and good luck!

    2. Thanks Jenny! I do have to improve my diet!
      I've always eaten anything without getting fat, on my only year as veggie I have put on some weight!! Opposite to what some ppl may think! haha! .. But I think it has to do with the soy, as you said.
      I'll try each of your recipes hoping that at least one will look like your pics! haha!

    3. Great! I'd love to hear how they work out for you.

  3. I Love your story and love the Goodness you bring to the table for my son and grandchildren. You are Awesome and so are your delicious recipes!!! Love your "Mother-in-law"

    1. Awww... thanks Nae Nae! We love you so much!